过去的10年里,在财政预算案之前对各种税收议题的讨论,似乎没有像今年这么热络。财政部长黄循财在2022财政年 预算案所宣布的内容,包含了一系列积极和一致的信息,涉及广泛税种。以下是我的一些想法。

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OVER the last decade or so, it is not often the case in Singapore that tax topics dominate the build-up to Budget Day; many practitioners including myself have generally paid more attention to the annexes that follow the full speech to decode the specific tax changes.

A strategic mind map to tackle tax challenges ahead
Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Tax Highlights: Singapore Budget 2022


This year’s Singapore Budget 2022 delivered by the Finance Minister on 18 February has drawn a significant amount of attention. Discussions around the Budget have dominated mainstream media’s headlines since, with Finance Minister Lawrence Wong rounding up the debate on this year's Budget on 2 March.

Our team has been keeping an eye out on the significant developments, and provided their comments in our publication – Singapore Budget 2022: Commentary and more.

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Find out what’s available to help you and your organisation in our Budget 2022 Tax Highlights:

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