Exit Strategy

It is inevitable that owners will leave the company at some point in time. There are several possible scenarios, one of which is the owner has made a decision, such as to retire, to pass the business on to family members, or to sell the company; or the owner needs to leave the company due to an unforeseen event, such as disability, financial issues or disputes with others in the company.

In order to ensure that maximum value as possible can be extracted with as little disruption as possible to the on-going operations of the business, it is essential to have a foolproof exit strategy that covers a variety of scenarios.

Baker Tilly offers you the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your exit plan is comprehensive and tailored to your specific goals.

Valuations & Transactions

Our dedicated team has experience with a wide variety of complex transactions and unique situations, successfully guiding our clients to maximise value and minimise risks and offer fully integrated transaction solutions. Learn more about how we can help you.

Involuntary Transition

With the economy growing to accommodate new businesses each day, the challenges that businesses face may not be easily overcome. Businesses can be resuscitated by our qualified Insolvency Practitioners, who will serve as Judicial Managers, Receivers or Administrator for Scheme of Arrangement & Compromise, depending on the circumstances. Our clients can attest to our effectiveness at handling such affairs swiftly and tactfully while ensuring the requirements of various government statutory boards are met. Creditors requiring the involvement of a Monitoring Accountant will be able to engage our services to gather information and conduct an assessment of the business before bridging the gaps amongst various stakeholders.

Our niche area is helping businesses to exit the market gracefully with its reputation intact so that you may have the option to revive the business in the future. When exiting, we assess your situation critically and offer advice independently. After determining the solvency of the companies as well as analysing all the complex issues faced by the company, we will seek to offer the most beneficial approach to deal with the current situation of the company in order to maximise the recovery to the stakeholders. We pride ourselves in managing companies effectively and efficiently while ensuring compliance to the various statutes involved in the winding up of a company.

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