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Goods and Services Tax (GST) Services

In today’s dynamic economic landscape, businesses are continually seeking ways to optimise their operations and financial strategies.

One key aspect that requires careful consideration is GST and its equivalents, which are consumption-based tax systems adopted by more than 170 countries. Businesses have to deal with intricate tax regulations and practices that affect their transactions and activities. A strategic focus on GST can therefore help businesses not only comply with tax rules but also improve their operations, increase their financial transparency and maintain their customer relationships.

As GST plays a vital role in influencing a business’s bottom line, it is essential for businesses to adopt a forward-thinking approach and ensure effective management of GST. This can give them a competitive edge in a rapidly changing market.

How can we help

Our specialist team is well placed to support you across a wide spectrum of GST matters:

GST compliance and planning

  • Assess GST registration liability
  • Application for GST registration/exemption from GST registration/GST group registration/divisional registration
  • Advise on start-up issues (e.g. recoverability of GST on expenses, GST treatment and tax coding in system, transaction table)
  • Advise on different types of GST schemes (e.g. MES, IGDS) and assist with the application of such GST schemes
  • Review and e-filing of GST F5/F7/F8 returns
  • E-Filing of Statement of Claims (SOC) for Qualifying Funds, S-REITs, Qualifying S-RBT

GST reviews

  • Perform GST health check reviews
  • Perform reviews under the Assisted Self-Help Kit (ASK) for the application/renewal of GST schemes or voluntary disclosure of errors
  • Perform reviews under the Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP)
  • GST due diligence reviews

GST advisory

  • Advise on GST treatment of day-to-day business transactions
  • Advise on GST implications of new business models or cross-border transactions
  • Advise on GST implications of the transfer of business, cessation of business, liquidation
  • Advise and planning for IPO
  • Customised in-house GST training

Tax dispute resolution

  • Support in tax audits and/or tax investigation process with IRAS
  • Support in objection/appeal to IRAS’ decisions

For foreign companies

  • Advise on GST implications on foreign companies’ business activities in Singapore
  • Assess foreign companies’ GST registration liability in Singapore under the Overseas Vendor Registration (OVR) regime
  • Assist with the application for GST registration under the OVR regime
  • Assist with the e-filing of GST returns under the OVR regime

Business resources:

GST Brochure
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Sim Siew Moon
Senior Partner & Head of Tax | FCA (Singapore), ATA (Income Tax & GST), FCPA (Australia)
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Yvonne Chua
Partner | ATA (GST)

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