Assurance services assess the reliability of financial statements and other information to facilitate good decision-making and inspire confidence.

At Baker Tilly, we are committed to delivering independent, efficient, and quality audits of financial statements. To this end, our audit professionals actively communicate their findings and provide knowledge-based insights throughout the audit process. We deliver value that goes beyond our audit opinion, which helps clients anticipate and resolve issues critical to the success of their businesses.

At the heart of Baker Tilly’s assurance services – and indeed our entire range of services – are the core values we share with the whole Baker Tilly International global network. The integrity and passion that drive professionalism define our engagement approach.

How We Can Help

Financial Statement Attestation makes up the bulk of assurance services and directly relates to the expression of an independent audit opinion on the reliability of financial statements.

We adopt a risk-based approach focused on maintaining high audit quality tempered by understanding our client’s operating environment. Partners and senior members in the engagement team bring a breadth of experience and their involvement in the process is a unique hallmark of our approach. This ensures that every audit engagement also has a suitable level of technical oversight.

Our approach identifies key areas of risk that might require special focus and provides clients with valuable perspectives to help them manage their businesses more effectively. Service teams use Baker Tilly proprietary audit software as well as data extraction and analysis tools.

Other services include:

  • Accounting Advisory
  • Reporting and Assurance of non-financial information
  • Financial Due Diligence

Who Needs Assurance Services?

  • Entities that require audited financial statements to be filed with regulatory authorities
  • Any business that requires some form of assurance on financial information
  • Any organisation that needs to prepare financial statements


Susan Foong
Partner & Practice Leader
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Susan Foong

Susan Foong

Partner & Practice Leader