Governance and Risk

Corporate governance is essential for businesses to run smoothly, safe in the knowledge that internal controls are strong, ensuring stakeholder accountability and complying with regulatory frameworks.

At Baker Tilly, our team of professionals is committed to strengthening and fine-tuning our clients’ internal control and risk management frameworks, to help them minimise unforeseen problems. With our core values of integrity and passion, we help our clients realise business opportunities without compromising on productivity.

How Baker Tilly Can Help

Governance Services

a. Board Governance: Advising on board structure, roles, and responsibilities to enhance decision-making and accountability.

b. Corporate Governance: Assisting in the development and implementation of corporate governance policies and procedures.

c. Governance Audits: Evaluating existing governance practices and recommending improvements.

d. Succession Planning: Helping firms plan for leadership transitions and continuity.


Risk Management Services

a. Risk Assessment: Identifying and assessing risks that could affect the firm's operations.

b. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Implementing ERM frameworks to identify, assess, and mitigate risks at an organisational level.

c. Compliance and Regulatory Services: Ensuring that firms comply with relevant laws and regulations.

d. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: Assessing and enhancing data security measures to protect sensitive client information.

e. Fraud Prevention and Detection: Implementing controls and procedures to mitigate the risk of fraud.

f. Crisis Management: Developing strategies to respond effectively to crises or unexpected events.


Internal Control and Process Improvement

a. Internal Control Assessments: Evaluating the effectiveness of internal control systems.

b. Process Optimization: Identifying areas for process improvement and operational efficiency.

c. Business Continuity Planning: Creating plans to ensure business continuity during disruptions.


Ethics and Compliance

a. Code of Conduct Development: Drafting or revising a code of conduct to promote ethical behavior.

b. Whistleblower Programs: Implementing programs for reporting unethical behavior within the organization.

c. Ethics Training: Providing training on ethical behavior and compliance for employees.


Strategy and Change Management

a. Change Management: Assisting with managing organizational change and its associated risks.

b. Strategic Planning: Helping firms develop long-term strategies to achieve their goals while considering risk factors.


Training and Education​

a. Training Programs: Offering training on governance, risk management, and compliance for employees.

b. Workshops and Seminars: Conducting workshops and seminars on relevant topics.

Who needs Corporate Governance and Risk Management Services?

a. Publicly listed companies: Effective corporate governance engenders confidence among shareholders.

b. Organisations of any size that wish to bolster accountability and responsibility towards all their stakeholders - including employees, shareholders, and customers alike.


Lim Wei Wei
Advisory Partner & Practice Leader
Governance, Risk & Sustainability
Nicodemus Tan
Advisory Partner
Governance, Risk & Sustainability
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Lim Wei Wei

Lim Wei Wei

Advisory Partner & Practice Leader