Initial Public Offering

Your company is thriving and you are considering an IPO. Is your company IPO-ready? Our IPO advisory team can be your strategic advisor to guide you through the pre-and post-listing processes. Baker Tilly can assist companies in listing their shares on the Singapore Stock Exchange ("SGX") and other regional exchanges. We can also help you evaluate the appropriateness of an IPO, guide you through the entire IPO process, and equip you with what you need to meet your obligations as an effective public company.

Prior to listing, Baker Tilly could:

  • Assist in IPO decision and preparation
  • Develop a listing strategy
  • Manage the overall IPO process
  • Develop a strategic and financial IPO business plan
  • Build company capabilities
  • Introduce strategic investors
  • Explain the regulatory process and develop viable strategies to handle the listing process and to deal with the regulatory authorities
  • Provide recommendations on sponsors, lawyers, underwriters, valuers, reporting accountants and other advisors
  • Review the accounting and internal controls.

After the listing, Baker Tilly continues to help with:

  • Capital market transactions, such as new share issues and major transactions
  • Up-to-date information on corporate governance, accounting and regulatory changes.

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