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Innovation-As-A-Service (IAAS)

Baker Tilly Vision is a technology group that offers industry specialised services in Digital Transformation Consultancy, Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solutions and Technology & Digital Assets Audit Support. With a focus on serving companies that wish to digitally transform themselves and companies that handles digital assets, we help our clients plan for the future. Baker Tilly Vision is an independent member of Baker Tilly International. As an accountancy and business advisory network represented by 123 member firms in 148 territories with 740 offices and 37,000 employees. It has a combined global revenue of US$ 4.04 billion in FY2020.


Who Needs Digitalising?

  • Traditional companies who wish to digitally transform and be future-ready to tap into the new digital economy
  • Crypto companies who wish to gain better regulatory compliance and conformance to tap into the new digital assets economy
  • Organisations who want to increase sales and productivity, increase in data trust, integrity and provenance using blockchain, increase in compliance conformance


How We Can Help

We are focused on driving the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity to governments, enterprises and the masses by making it better, faster and easier. To be future-ready and future-proof, businesses need to constantly innovate to stay relevant in the market. To support you in your transformational journey we start with your vision in mind, identify your current state and work out a roadmap.

With a vision in mind, key business objectives may be identified to be achieved. Take Baker Tilly Vision’s digital transformation diagnosis tool to identify your digital transformation readiness index and engage us to work together with you to build your digital transformation roadmap.

From start to launch we are there all the way to better future-ready and future-proof your organisation. Harness our expertise and track record with a team of more than 100 years combined experience in technology, strong go-to-market experience and strategies with more than 90 references and ecosystem partners across multi-locale, multi-industry, multi-use cases for successful future-readiness.


Government Grants (For Singapore Companies eligible for grant applications)

We assist our clients to match available government grants with their business needs to better achieve their strategic business objectives focused on driving improvements in key indicators from productivity, job redesign, solution deployment, overseas expansion, job creation, client engagement and more.


Digital Services_Digital Transformation Advisory Services

Aims to drive the adoption of technology by traditional businesses to improve productivity, drive sales and lower costs. We focus on implementing core technologies to fulfil our client business objectives and drive business results across multi-locale, multi-industry and multi-use cases for better future readiness
  • Technology advisory and consultancy
  • Digital transformation and future readiness roadmap
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Project management
  • Outsourcing

Digital Services_Digital Assets Advisory Services

Is a one-stop solution for organisations interested in conducting an ICO/STO/IEO/ITO
  • Feasibility Study
  • Design of tokenomics
  • Collaterals build including whitepaper, lite paper, decks, website and more
  • Issuance of tokens
  • Execution of ITO for marketing, outreach and community building
  • Listing on targeted exchange

Digital Services_Enterprise Solution Build

Equips the organisation with the right technological tools for future proofing and to create better data trust through the use of Vision’s Enterprise Grade Blockchain Solutions which ensures data immutability, permanence, data provenance, tracking and data automation

  • Data connectivity, discovery, optimisation
  • Data integrity, identity, traceability
  • Data security, automation, monetisation
  • eProductivity tools, eCommerce platforms and more

Digital Services_Digital Assets Solution Build

Provides a proprietary blockchain suite of solutions to the organisation to quickly go to market effectively with industry best practices
  • Wallet
  • Blockchain protocol, scanner, api federation platform
  • Token issuance
  • Defi, NFT, Application built

Digital Services_Cybersecurity Audit Support

Taps into Baker Tilly’s experience in Governance and Risk Management to provide cybersecurity and audit solutions and services to protect your organisation with a focus on VAPT
  • Cybersecurity Overview
  • Information / Device / Network Security
  • Software / Application / Website Security
  • Remote Working / Policy & Access rights
  • Disaster Recovery & Incident Response

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Digital Services_Digital Assets Audit Support

Provides digital assets audit solutions and services with a focus on business processes, proof of ownership/assets, merkle tree test, VAPT, smart contract audits
  • Internal audit on business processes
  • Proof of ownership of digital assets
  • VAPT
  • Merkle Tree Review
  • Smart Contract Assessment


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Digital Services
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Audit Solutions & Services
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Governance & Risk Solutions
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