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Career Stories

Adapting to new work culture in Sydney
While the work culture in Sydney may be different from Singapore, some things are indeed universal. Lance and Levina share their experience working at Sydney for their Audit Engagement.
Learning the art of small talk from my co-workers in Adelaide
In the Adelaide office, communication is more direct compared to Asian offices. Understanding cultural nuances is crucial for effective communication, especially given the diverse client base.
My fulfilling journey as a GST intern at Baker Tilly
From classroom to real life — how being a GST intern has enhanced Shirley's learning and experience in Baker Tilly. 
Internship at Baker Tilly: More than just a 9-5 job
Under the guidance of her seniors, Li Xin acquired invaluable experience and honed essential skills.
Restructuring & Recovery
Navigating the world of liquidation as an intern
Wen Lin shares her enjoyable and educational internship experience as she learns about the different types of liquidation processes.
Career at Australia: Once in a lifetime experience
Who knew engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures help Cervonne to improve her soft skills. Read more about her time in Adelaide, a once-in-a-lifetime career experience.