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Adapting to new work culture in Sydney

Oct 31, 2019

"It was a great experience for me career-wise because I gained knowledge of new industry sectors that I normally wouldn't deal with. The new contacts I've built from around the world enrich my professional life as well."

Lance Ng
Senior, Assurance
  • Who: Lance Ng & Levina Aw
  • When: July - September 2019
  • Where: Sydney
  • What: Audit Engagement

"I've met folks from Denmark, Slovakia, Cayman Islands, Fiji and the Philippines!"


Levina shares her thoughts on working in a multi-cultural accounting network: "I've always appreciated the diversity in our network, and being on the overseas career expeience gave me a wonderful experience to interact with my peers on an international level. If you backpack, it's pretty much like this - you share a common space which is brimming with new perspectives and thought processes - in a short span of time, you'll learn a lot about the world through the people you'll meet! I've met Baker Tilly folks from Denmark, Slovakia, Cayman Islands, Fiji and the Philippines!".


During their 3 months stint in Sydney, both Lance and Levina learnt valuable lessons that could not be experienced without venturing out of their comfort zones. "Early on, we learnt that we have to adapt quickly to the local work culture and social expectations to fit into the new environment better." Lance shared. "For example, the 9-5 workplace etiquette is very respected - from what we had experienced, the Australian workplace culture separates their work and personal time very well and the Aussies are a great social bunch!"

"...some things are still universal, such as being unprepared for meetings or late are totally uncool."

Levina adds: "Initially, it took some adjusting for us to get used to a new workplace culture but over the weeks, I find that we had assimilated very well. The work culture is distinctive compared to Singapore, but some things are still universal, such as being unprepared for meetings or late are totally uncool."


"That's right! You see, one of my housemates happened to be from Slovakia, and it was pretty amazing that he taught me how to whip up Slovakia's national dish, Halušky. It's a type of thick, soft noodles or dumplings with lots of cheese and bits of bacon. It's like mac and cheese. I felt like I had levelled up my culinary skills as well while on secondment!" Lance's face beamed with delight as he recounts his culinary adventures in Australia

"We send our talents on these overseas career experiences to broaden expand their horizons by working in different environments and business practices outside their comfort zones. Just as importantly, great relationships can be fostered among our talents across member firms."

Joshua Ong
Managing Partner
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