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Internship at Baker Tilly: More than just a 9-5 job

Lim Li Xin Mar 27, 2024

My internship experience has been fulfilling and meaningful. As an Assurance Intern, have worked on various engagements, each with its challenges and learning opportunities. 

This has been my first experience in exploring this field, and it has been an excellent chance to gain practical experience and develop my skills. The supportive environment provided by my seniors has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. 

I have gained valuable insights into the industry and honed essential skills that will undoubtedly benefit me in my future career pursuits.

Lim Li Xin
Assurance Intern
SIT | Bachelor of Accountancy

The support and guidance I have received from my seniors have been invaluable in helping me to adapt the work culture and develop my professional skills.

I find the most enjoyable aspect of working in the assurance team is the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real-life scenarios. 

Their mentorship has not only helped me build technical expertise but also improved my communication and teamwork skills. It’s a privilege to be a part of a supportive team, which has played a significant role in my professional growth.

Baker Tilly stands out for their unwavering commitment to promoting the wellness of their employees. They actively seek feedback from employees and provide a range of resources aimed at fostering work-life balance and mental well-being, including the BT recharge week and wellness programs. 

I enjoyed all the recreational and wellness initiatives here that have helped me stay focused and motivated!