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Navigating the world of liquidation as an intern

Toh Wen Lin Apr 15, 2024

The journey has been fun, with great seniors to guide me along whenever I am in doubt. The 8 months internship allowed me to see through the start and end of a company liquidation process, allowing me to have a better understanding on what liquidation is all about. 

I got to learn the different types of liquidation processes and the administration of new concepts that can only be learnt on the job.

Toh Wen Lin
Restructuring & Recovery Intern
SIT | Bachelor of Accountancy

The Baker Tilly Recharge event is a very nice gesture as it allows us to take a break from work, mingle around with other staff. The work-life balance of Baker Tilly is also considered good, as I get to knock off on time. 

Sometimes, my seniors will let me know that it is time for me to go home when I did not take notice of the time.

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