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Lea final

Expanding horizons: exploring diverse cultures beyond our own

Mar 20, 2024

Lea Tan | Senior Manager

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, it is not uncommon for organisations to face issues keeping up with reporting demands. As part of the Corporate Services team, you will help our clients meet these requirements and deliver efficient services in Singapore and surrounding regions.

Hear more about working in the Corporate Services team in this interview with Lea Tan, our Senior Manager.

Can you describe the work environment at Baker Tilly?

Lea succinctly describes her experience in two words: positive and supportive. The enthusiasm of the leaders is palpable in their guidance and everyday interactions. Colleagues consistently offer assistance, whether it's tackling a technical query or simply providing a friendly chat to unwind. This fosters a vibrant and nurturing atmosphere that Lea finds rewarding. 

Additionally, the year-round activities offer opportunities to engage with colleagues from different departments, revealing the enjoyable and lively facets of everyone's personalities.

We work with clients from various industries and countries, allowing us to gain insights into cultures other than our own.

Lea Tan
Senior Manager

What has surprised you most about your role? 

The diversity is truly remarkable. Each day presents fresh challenges, fostering continuous learning for Lea. Collaborating with clients across diverse industries and countries provides a window into cultures beyond her own. 

However, the essence lies beyond numerical computations. Cultivating and nurturing client connections stands paramount. This involves more than mere calculations—it requires adept communication and a deep understanding of clients' objectives and obstacles.

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