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Cultivating diverse skillset throughout the years

Jan 20, 2024

Under certain circumstances, businesses can encounter financial distress and face difficulty in keeping their operations optimal. In the Restructuring & Recovery team, you will help clients achieve the financial and operational restructuring of their businesses while maximising value for their stakeholders.

Get a glimpse of working in the Restructuring & Recovery team through Marie Lee's experience as a director in this department.

What has surprised you most about your role?

Marie's journey in this highly specialised field has been nothing short of eye-opening. Contrary to the expected focus solely on numbers, her role places a strong emphasis on strategic communication—a revelation that continues to surprise her. What's truly astonishing is the diverse skill set she's developed over time, proving invaluable not only in her professional endeavors but also in her personal life. 

Problem-solving, clear communication, and decisive decision-making have become natural extensions of her abilities, shaping her approach to challenges both in and out of the office.

What has astonished me the most is the diverse skillset I've cultivated throughout the years and its practical applicability.

Marie Lee

How does Baker Tilly support your continuous learning and development? 

The head of Marie's department is a staunch advocate of knowledge sharing, enabling individuals to progress towards greater achievements. The firm's accreditation and the provision of specialised training have played pivotal roles in developing her professional competency. 

Among her most notable achievements at Baker Tilly Singapore is attaining the Chartered Accountant (Singapore) qualification and becoming a certified Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. 

This journey stands as a testament to the firm's unwavering dedication to supporting its employees' professional development and aspirations.

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