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Career at Australia: Once in a lifetime experience

Mar 27, 2018

Cervonne Chui

Manager | Assurance

Learning opportunities in Baker Tilly Singapore

I enter the firm with an associate role and played more of a support role in audit engagement. Subsequently, I actually got the exposure to start leading jobs and try out for myself what is the entire audit experience like. I get to wrap a job from start to the end, where I get to lead more wide-ranging jobs in terms of the complexity of the jobs or the exposure of the jobs or the industries that Baker Tilly has to offer.

Additionally, Cervonne went on an overseas secondment to Adelaide in Australia. One of the most valuable lessons Cervonne learned was the art of engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, a process that sharpened her soft skills. She emphasized that her time in Adelaide was truly unparalleled, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Having fully immersed herself and now reflecting on it, she holds no regrets and strongly encourages others to seize the opportunity for an overseas secondment.

Life as an Auditor/ Business Advisory Professional

Cervonne shared that transitioning from a senior role to a managerial position was both time-consuming and demanding, as she needed to oversee additional teams. Fortunately, she finds herself thriving after successfully adjusting to the new challenges.

I believe with every new role when you start, the transitioning will be difficult. But as I progress, I know how I should manage my time and how should I plan out the engagement.

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