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At Baker Tilly, work is never boring!

Jan 1, 2024

Lance Ng | Manager

As part of the Assurance team, you will work in teams to assess the reliability of our clients’ financial statements, climate reporting and other information to build trust and inspire confidence among the clients’ stakeholders. Lance Ng, our Assurance Manager shares his experience working at Baker Tilly Singapore.

What are the best things about your job?

In the role of an audit manager, there's a delicate balance for Lance between autonomy and accountability, much like managing a business. Through Baker Tilly, he had the valuable experience of working in Sydney for three months, which he considers a privilege.

Work is never boring as every day presents a different challenge waiting to be tackled.

Lance Ng

How does Baker Tilly support your continuous learning and development?

Lance elaborated that beyond internal training sessions aimed at keeping their team abreast of regulatory shifts, their practice continuously evolves through tackling increasingly intricate audits. They also engage in client prospecting, broadening their expertise. Additionally, Baker Tilly actively supports their pursuit of external development courses, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

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