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Manufacturing & Engineering

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Providing manufacturing and engineering clients with expertise, practical knowledge, international connections and an innovative mindset to mitigate risks, improve efficiencies and maximise opportunities.

In a world where day-to-day issues like supply chain management, cost pressures, labour shortages, and regulation collide with big challenges like net zero, automation and skills development our team are ready to help.

MHA uses its deep sector experience and technical expertise to guide manufacturing and engineering clients through these challenges while helping them maximise opportunities and create a sustainable future.

MHA acts for a plethora of industry-leading manufacturing clients from SMEs to publicly listed companies. We take the time to get to know your business and people, building lasting relationships and creating an environment where our services are tailored to you. Our experts are ready to assist in many areas such as expansion, trading overseas, import and export duties, transfer pricing, compliance with local regulations, audit and taxation.

Our manufacturing and engineering accounting team can advise on many areas including:

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Developing an export strategy or expanding into new markets
Tax planning and corporate restructuring
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Understanding and claiming R&D tax credits
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Managing cash flow and working capital
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